Our Story


Lawrence Shipley Sr. creates his original recipe for hot, fresh, handcrafted do-nuts so fluffy, simple, and delicious that we still do our do-nuts his way to this day.


After selling his do-nuts for just 5¢ a dozen on the wholesale market, Lawrence Shipley Sr. does something truly special, opening the first Shipley Do-Nuts in Houston, TX.




Today, do-nut lovers still do everything they can to get a taste of Shipley’s heavenly glazed do-nuts – served hot and fresh just the way Lawrence liked them. To quote the man himself,

“When they bite into that hot do-nut, it will bring them back every time.”

And, well … he wasn’t wrong.

The plain glazed is still our most popular style, but with over 60 varieties to choose from, there’s always a new flavor to discover.



So, whether you get one to stay, to go, or to make someone’s day, everything we do at Shipley is so you can go out and Do-Happy.