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There is something so irresistible about pairing the soft, scintillating goodness of a smooth donut with a tasty drink. Dunking your donut allows you to experiment with unique flavor profiles that non-dunkers can only imagine in their wildest dreams.

Here is how to eat a donut with the best drinks that you may not have even thought of.

Gourmet Coffee and Donuts

Coffee is uber-popular among donut connoisseurs because it marries perfectly with virtually any donut imaginable. To add some sophistication to the experience, pair a medium or dark roast with dense treats like buttermilk cake donuts. You can even raise your pinky if you want.

Espresso and Donuts

Espresso shots are not ideally sized for dunking. However, the flavor experience is so heavenly that we will help you find a way to make it work. To master the combination, place your favorite iced donut — or Bavarian cream — upside-down in a bowl. Then, pour a shot or three of strong espresso over the surface, and bon appetit!

Chocolate Milk and Donuts

There are two approaches when dealing with perfectly chilled chocolate milk. The first way is to admit your deepest chocolate cravings, soaking a chocolate iced or cream donut in the tempting liquid. However, in times when it is important to maintain a cool, non-chocolate-addicted exterior, opt for the second way. Dunk plain sugar donuts or cream cheese pastries instead. Cream cheese cuts down on the sweetness of chocolate milk while taking advantage of its amazing thickness.

White Milk and Donuts

Both acidic and velvety, milk exists as the drink of choice when taming richer donut varieties. When looking for the best pair, dunk a strawberry iced or devil food filled donut into the creamy drink.

Citrus Fruit Juice

Fresh orange, passion fruit, or pineapple juice taste incredible with all kinds of chocolate donuts, both iced and filled. The more chocolate they have, the better, making this tangy but sweet combination utterly irresistible.

Apple Juice and Donuts

Apple juice is unique among drink combinations due to its sharp yet sweet taste. When served cold, it pairs best with jelly-filled donuts, such as blueberry, raspberry, and lemon. When served hot, it pairs best with cinnamon flavored pastries.

Hot Chocolate and Donuts

Approach your next cup of hot chocolate with donuts that add unique flavor notes. Toasted coconut, nut, and cinnamon sugar coverings are all great choices. However, at Shipley Do-Nuts, our personal favorites for dunking are cherry donut varieties.

Wine and Donuts

It is no secret that chocolate and red wine are a perfect match. So the next time you feel like popping open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah with friends, turn it into a wine and donut tasting party with chocolate-filled pastries. The only important thing is to make sure the wine glasses are wide enough for dunking.

Craft Beer and Donuts

No, it’s not blasphemy. Beer and donuts are a legitimate thing―we promise. The best way to experience dark lagers is with a nut-covered pastry or a delicious apple fritter.

Dunk Your Donuts at Shipley Do-Nuts

Are you in the mood for a sweet pastry and something delicious to dunk it in? Satisfy your donut-drink cravings and swing by the closest Shipley Do-Nuts location today!

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