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Donuts have found their place into many office morning meetings, where sleepy-eyed executives dip these desserts in coffee. They have also become a part of many police officer jokes. Also, Homer Simpson is always associated with a donut in hand.

We have even discussed how donuts are making their way into weddings. This wonderous sweet treat has become part of our everyday lives so it isn’t surprising that donuts have “grown up.” Many have discovered that donuts make great party additions for both adults and children. Recently, wine lovers have been finding the perfect pairings of wine and donuts for a surprisingly refreshing event.

Best Donuts and Wine Pairings
Wine and donuts are two of the world’s favorite treats, so it only makes sense that people would begin to pair the two together. Whether you are planning a wine tasting at a local art gallery, an evening gathering with friends or are looking for something different for a bachelorette party, consider trying some of these wine and donut combinations.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Jelly-Filled Donuts
This wine carries notes of cherry, blackberry, and plum. This wine is a perfect pair with jelly-filled donuts to enhance the many berry notes.

Pinot Noir and Filled Long Johns
When it comes to combining creamy vanilla and sweet chocolate, the third combination for this taste is usually darker berries. The light cherry undertones of this wine are perfect for that combination.

Riesling and Glazed Donuts
The sweetness of a glazed donut requires a wine that is on the semi-sweet side. They also need a flavor that won’t completely mask the vanilla. Reisling does this perfectly with its semi-sweet, floral notes that make help vanilla in the donuts stand out.

Syrah and Double Chocolate Donut
Both cherries and strawberries go perfectly with chocolate. Knowing this, we found that the intense fruit flavor of Syrah goes well with the double-chocolate goodness of this donut. This combination will have your taste buds experiencing an even more decadent pairing.

Moscato and Strawberry Frosted Donut
The light taste of Moscato is a mysterious, yet subtle, fruit flavor. When paired with a frosted strawberry donut, there is no question that this sweet wine is definitely carrying strawberry. This pairing is utterly fantastic.

Sherry and Apple-Cinnamon Filled
Sherry has the unmistakable flavor of caramel. When you think of caramel-covered apples, it brings a feeling of nostalgia surrounding county fairs and summer carnivals. The two are a perfect combination for a walk down memory lane.

Other Fun Party Ideas with Donuts

For family-friendly events that include non-wine drinkers and kids, you don’t have to put the donuts aside because they can make any event a little bit more fun. Consider including one or more of the following ideas into your next get-together.

The Donut Game
For this game, you will need string and a donut for each person. Secure a long string from one end of the room to another, or between two trees if you are outside. For each person, put a strong through a donut hole and secure it to the main line.

This way, the donut hangs down at mouth level. Tell everyone they are not allowed to use their hands for this game. At the signal, everyone must try to eat the dangling donuts and the first one to finish wins.

Birthday “Cake”
Arrange donuts in a pyramid shape that is large enough around to place candles around. This is an entertaining idea for a teenager’s birthday parties. You can even use frosted donuts that match the party’s theme.

Dessert Bar
Instead of creating a dessert for a family dinner or holiday party, set up a long table with a variety of donuts and drinks. Pick a variety of donuts and display them on plates. Have a variety of drinks to go along with them such as milk and coffee and allow guests to help themselves.

Decorate Your Donut
You’ve heard of parties where kids (and adults) get to build their own ice cream sundaes. Why not adopt this idea for a donut themed party? As an activity, set out plain donuts, a variety of frostings and glazes, sprinkles, nuts, coconut, etc. and allow everyone to make their dream donut.

Invite Us to Your Event
For your next event, contact Shipley Do-Nuts and let us help you pick out the perfect combination of donuts for your party, for children or adults. Our selection is large enough to fit every taste. Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party or holding a wine and donut tasting to benefit charity, we are thrilled to share our donuts with you.

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